Best eco-friendly gift ideas for your girlfriend

Ideas para hacer un regalo ecológico a tu novia

Make your everyday life sustainable as possible, even when it comes to gifting. Choose handcrafted products made from natural materials. We have many incredible ideas and tips to surprise are your girlfriend. Read on.

100% plastic free food wrapping

The perfect gift for your foodie girlfriend who lives a healthy, green life. Reusable and easy to clean, these envoltorios Rolleat will help her keep food stay fresh. They are ideal for the office, a picnic, or wrapping leftovers from lunch or dinner.

envoltorios ecológicos para alimentos Rolleat

2. Photo printed on wood

Print her favourite shot from your last road trip and use it to decorate the walls of your new home. Looking for something special? Print it on wood for a more natural and organic look. The best gift on extra strong material to add a cosy touch to your place.

3. DIY local products box

Keep it simple and let your creativity flow. Create a box with organic products from local shops. A good wine, some specialities from the neighbouring village, handmade cosmetics. Arrange them with love, adding a custom card to make it even more unique. She'll love it.

gift box pinterest


4. World map

Wood is an eco-friendly, strong material. This world map is handmade silkscreened with lots of love. A sustainable gift to beautify the walls of your living room or bedroom with an adventurous twist. What else?


Just a few ideas to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's Day, sustainable and perfect to enjoy together. For more green gifts, read here.