Sustainable and Eco-friendly Gifts

What is an eco-friendly gift?

An eco gift is environmentally friendly from production to final packaging. Its materials have a low impact on the planet, and its manufacture tries to be as local as possible.  

Why gift-giving a sustainable product?

The climate crisis affects all of society, and ecology has become a central element in our lives.

By gift-giving an eco-friendly product, you send a clear message of change. You also collaborate to reduce single-use plastics, save energy, and minimize transport emissions. 

Christmas, birthday, a wedding: any occasion is perfect for a sustainable gift. Surprise your loved one with something unique that contributes to the planet's wellbeing and your own.

How do we make our products more sustainable?

Most of our products are handmade from natural materials provided by local suppliers within a maximum radius of 1000 km. The way we work and the responsibility we feel towards the environment results in:

Reduction of plastic to 0.

Exclusive use of natural and sustainable materials.

Production of 95% of our products in Barcelona.

Manufacture in small quantities and on-demand.

Collaboration with NGOs to fight global warming.

Carbon-neutral shipping.

Varias tags encima de un mapa watercolor decorado por luces led

Top 3 green and eco-friendly gift ideas

Reduce plastic

Stainless steel bottle

Take it anywhere, use it as often as you like, and keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. The Miss Wood Bottle is the ideal accessory to help you avoid consuming plastic and take care of the environment.

Sustainable decoration

Wooden map handmade in Barcelona

The gift every traveler needs to remember all his adventures. A world map printed on spruce wood from sustainable forests to add a natural touch to your home decor. We work on each piece with care and dedication to create the best maps in the world.

Eco-friendly presents

Unique keyring in recycled wood and leather

Imagine an accessory where you can keep all the best moments, places, people, and dates. Our sustainable keyrings are designed to collect Tags—small personalized wooden plaques that tell your life story.

List of unique gifts that support the environment

Green tips for a more sustainable lifestyle

We know you care about the environment, but sometimes it can be difficult to protect it as you wish to do. Everyday life is full of habits that are not always good for the planet. Here are 3 interesting articles to help you change your routine and opt for more eco-friendly choices: 

Supermarkets without plastic

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Sustainable tourism

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Solidarity trips

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Miss Wood Commitment

At Miss Wood, we are committed to protecting the environment, the planet, our suppliers, customers, and ourselves. We try to generate as little impact as possible to keep exploring the world and remembering all our adventures.
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