Ideas clave para adornar la pared de la escalera

Unique ideas for decorating the staircase wall

The stairs at home are a place of constant passage, and their wall is perfect for displaying family photos and souvenirs of your travels. Forget empty, insignificant walls; add a touch of style to your home by decorating with paintings, prints, photos, and design items.

Decorate the stairs with your best photos

Giving your memories a place of honour is a way to keep them ever-present in your heart. Choose the most beautiful shots or those with great sentimental value and frame them in different colours. .

Gallery Wall

Use frames of different sizes, placing the larger ones in the centre, surrounded by smaller ones. This way, you can highlight the central picture and create a unique collage of your most beautiful memories.

Balanced compositions

If the frames are all the same size, position them symmetrically along the diagonal line of the wall. Never in a straight line so as not to create a distorted visual effect.

A wall for your memories

If the staircase wall is high and wide, you can fill it with photos and personal souvenirs meaningful to you.

Best staircase landing ideas

If the stairs in your house have a landing and the wall is not very high, the best alternative is to add a plant or a decorative object (such as a basket or a lamp) together with a framed photo leaning against the wall, so as not to leave it completely empty.

On the other hand, if the wall is high, white, and somewhat pale, hang several pictures lined up or create symmetrical compositions to give a sense of spaciousness.

A practical guide to hanging your pictures on the wall

Hang your photos with a drill

Hang your paintings without drilling holes in the wall

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