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    Wall Decor World Map

    Wall world map is the new trend when it comes to home decoration. The maps add a classy and adventurous twist that surely will impress all your guests.

    All our world map models are made from sustainable materials. Perfect for those hardened travellers who want to explore the planet and remember it every day with a Woody Map on their wall.

    Relive the best moments of your adventures, discover new places and plan your next destination. Choose the decorative map that best matches the colours and elements of your decor and customize your world.

    Decorative Wall Maps

    Whatever the style of your decor, we have the perfect map for your home. More than 100 different variations make us stand out from other brands. Add a decorative map to your wall and add some sparkle to your living room or bedroom. You will love it!

    Decorative world map

    Here you will find all kinds of styles. Nordic decorative maps, perfect for pairing with soft, neutral colours, vintage world maps ideal to match your antique furniture, black and white for the more minimalist, and multi-coloured political maps to brighten up your favourite room.

    Can't find the design you're looking for? Customize a DIY map for your wall here.

    Lienzo Mapamundi - Woody Map Canva----Misswood

    A World Map for every home and every style of decoration.

    Whether you live in a 50 m2 flat or a mansion, decorating with a wall world map will help you remember the best adventures and dream of your next destination.
    Small and medium-sized travel maps are ideal for the decor of the hallway, the office or a child's room.
    On the other hand, a large wall world map will fit perfectly in the bedroom as a headboard or in the living room to welcome your guest in style.
    The giant map is ideal for huge spaces. Get a wooden world map and make it the star of your home.

    World, Continents, Countries and Cities Maps

    At Miss Wood's, you can find maps to trace your itinerary around the world, cork maps of your favourite city where you can pin all the places that stole your heart, the best restaurants or the museums you visited.

    Buy the best geographical, political and city maps to decorate your home. And if you can't find the country or city you're looking for, you can commission a custom map, and we'll be happy to send you a unique design just for you.

    Mapa de corcho - Woody Map Natural Italia----Misswood
    Mapa de corcho - Woody Map Natural Amsterdam----Misswood

    Handmade Decorative World Map from Sustainable Materials

    Most of our maps are produced in our atelier from 100% natural materials such as wood, cork and paper. We use silk-screen printing and digital printing for the design.

    Cork Wall Map

    With our cork maps, you can pin all the countries or areas of the world you visited, adding photos as a reminder of the best moments experienced. Choose your favourite design, size and decide whether to frame or not your map.
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    Wooden Wall Map

    A wooden world map is perfect for decorating your home, especially if you are a nature lover. Featuring a timeless rustic look, it will add an adventurous twist wherever you decide to put it. Check out all our wooden map designs: a 3D planisphere, a triptych in different sizes or the silhouette of the world!
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    Decorative Cotton Map

    A decorative map made of 100% organic cotton, elegant and super chic. Unique designs and classy look. Get your fave and add a vintage twist to your home.
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    Canvas World Map

    A high-quality political map, made from wood, recycled cork and canvas. Give your home a new look with a decorative world map.
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    World Map Posters and Prints

    Your favourite geographical map now in paper including the names of countries, cities and other fun facts to discover. Printed in full-colour with an extra-resistant mate finish.
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