Unique Christmas gifts

To show our loved ones how much we care, tradition suggests we gift them something special for the holiday season. And, now, for the umpteenth time, you are asking yourself the same old question: what should I get them for Christmas?

Tired of the usual cheap, cheesy and somewhat banal presents, you are looking for something different, unique, and sustainable. Something to remember forever.

Alright, you are in the right place. We have the best gifts in the world. Read on and find the perfect option for you.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts for everyone

Christmas gifts for boyfriend/girlfriend

Surprise your sweetheart with a unique gift that will remind him/her of the most exciting adventures you experienced together. Discover our bestsellers here.
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Christmas gifts for travellers

We are sure you, too, have a friend constantly traversing the world. Gift them the chance to relive their most incredible experiences and all the places visited with our travel essentials.
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Christmas Gifts for green friends

This Christmas, be on the side of nature and opt for an eco-friendly, handcrafted present made from sustainable materials.
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Christmas gifts for Dad

Looking for something unique for your dad? Here you will find the perfect present to surprise him.
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Christmas gifts for Mum

There is no one like your mum, and she deserves a gift to remind her how much you care. Check out our ideas and find the ideal gift for her.
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Christmas gifts for companies

Stand out from the competition and treat your employees with a special gift. A present handmade with lots of love and at the best price.
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5 custom gift ideas for the holiday season

This year opt for something unique, personalized, and handmade with sustainable materials. Here are some gift ideas for Christmas:

The gift for the avid traveller

Wall World Map

The holiday season is often the opportunity to look back and remember the best times of the year. Pin all your travels on our cork map and decorate it with your favourite shots. There are still many adventures to come, and this is the perfect gift for dreaming of new destinations.

A gift for the melancholic friend

Best pictures of the year

Your mobile phone or camera gallery is full of unforgettable moments, and what could be better than collecting and printing them out to always have the best memories with you? Hang them on the wall or keep them in a photo album.

The ultimate affordable gift

Custom wooden keychain

Where to keep all those incredible experiences you want to remember foreverr? Your favourite people, the most incredible trips or meaningful dates. Choose the Tags you like best and hang them on your keychain. Collect them all to keep the world at your fingertips.
caja de madera personalizable con tus fotos

The gift for neat freaks

Personalized wooden box

The perfect keepsake box to place on your shelves as a decorative element. Customize it as you prefer to store your best memories: Polaroids, plane tickets, travel souvenirs…

The timeless gift

World-shaped scented candle

Decorating with candles is a rising trend, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and cosiness to any corner of your home. With our world-shaped scented candle, you can travel through your memories. It is handmade with 100% natural scents.
velas aromaticas con la forma del mundo

Questions to ask yourself before giving a gift for Christmas

The first question you have to ask yourself is quite logical and necessary. Who are you going to give a gift to: your mother, your partner, a friend? Based on that, you can start focusing on the next question.

Oh, keep this in mind too: it seems intuitive that if you spend more you'll give a better gift. Not so. The gift itself, the time and effort spent is what matters most.

Asking yourself this question will help you to focus on the person to whom you are going to give a gift and not on your own tastes when choosing a gift. Practice empathy, put yourself in their shoes and you will find it easy to choose a gift for that person.

It is not the same to give a gift to someone you know very well, than to an invisible friend for example.

A gift is a kind of symbol of your relationship. Think of something you have in common with the recipient. If you have the same affinity, it is likely that the person will like it.

If you know that person well, analyze what they spend their own time and money on, that will give you a clue as to what they really like. Make a list of interests and tastes of that person and it will be very simple to choose the perfect detail.

If you opt for the obvious, you will be right for sure, but you will not be too original. For example, if she really likes music and you give her something with that theme, there will be more people who think like you, give her something similar and you will stop being original.

Sometimes, something made with your own hands or personalized especially for her/him can be more special and of great sentimental value.

You should think about what you mean by it and how the other person might interpret it. When we give gifts, we try to visualize the moment when the gift is given and the smile on the recipient's face. Give them something that you know they will be excited about or that will be useful beyond the moment of opening it.

Phrases and greetings to complete your Christmas gift

Add a custom greeting and a special message to your order for only €0.99. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

The most beautiful things in life are not found under the Christmas tree but in the people gathering around it. Thanks for being in my life. Merry Christmas!
The most beautiful thing about this Christmas is the chance to spend it with you. Happy holidays!
Life offers us the opportunity to welcome a new year, and what better way to celebrate it than by being together with your loved ones and sharing magic moments? Merry Christmas!
We spent many Christmases together, but each time feels like the first for me! Happy holidays!
May magic be your best dress, your smile the most beautiful gift, your eyes an extraordinary destiny and your happiness my sincere wish from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas!

Why choose a sustainable gift this Christmas?

The holiday season is a time of gift-giving, shopping and significant environmental impact. For this reason, and because of the current climate situation, it would be better to shop consciously, support local trade and opt for sustainable materials. To protect and preserve the planet, Miss Wood is committed daily to:

Reduction of plastic to 0.

Exclusive use of natural and sustainable materials.

Production of 95% of our products in Barcelona.

Manufacture in small quantities and on-demand.

Collaboration with NGOs to fight global warming.

Carbon-neutral shipping.


The best gifts in the world

When you opt for a Miss Wood product, you give more than a product. You are gifting a lifestyle.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose us for your presents.

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