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At Miss Wood, we love to travel, so I'm sure we won't find out anything about you. This passion for travelling the world makes us feel more responsible for the health of our planet. That's why our mission as a company is to take care of our planet as much as we enjoy it. How does this ideal become a reality?


Reduce plastic to 0

As little impact as our company has on the planet, our Production, and Logistics team is working hard to eliminate disposable plastic from all our products in the short term.

Plastic is a material that costs a lot to recycle and also takes between 100 and 1,000 years to decompose. We hope not to be forced to design maps full of plastic islands in the future. Even less, to witness a destroyed marine life and planet.

Local Production

Since the beginning of our adventure, we have been producing locally in our workshop in Barcelona. This is the way we feel most comfortable because, in addition to controlling the entire production and quality chain, it allows us to have a positive impact on the environment.. We have always prioritised working with organic and sustainable materials for the planet, such as wood, cork and cotton. It is also no coincidence that most of our suppliers are located within a radius of 1,000 km or less. (i.e. Spain and Portugal) A very small proportion of our products (5% of all our references) are manufactured in China and India by highly skilled suppliers. The reason? At the moment, it is very difficult for us to produce the thermos bottle or backpack locally with the same quality and prices as our suppliers.



The pine and spruce wood we use to produce our maps comes from sustainable forests in Northern Europe. These forests provide resources while maintaining necessary community uses and services.


The cork we make our maps with is vegetable-based, totally natural and biodegradable. Furthermore, one of the advantages of working with it is that it can be recycled millions of times. For example, we only use material coming from wine corks.

FSC certified paper

The paper to print our photos comes with a certificate guaranteeing the wood used to make the product comes from forests managed according to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council.




We have recently started a partnership with Cloverly, a technology that measures and offsets carbon emissions by investing in local offset projects.

Choose "Neutralize your shipment" at checkout and cancel your carbon footprint. The planet will be grateful.

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The association Prolaboral Xalest is an initiative fighting for the social and work integration of people with intellectual disabilities.  

We have been collaborating together since 2019. Actually, we entrust them with the packaging of certain products, such as pins or flag packs.

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Fight against COVID-19

In 2020, we ran two fundraising campaigns to fight the coronavirus. Thanks to your contribution, we managed to donate €7,126 to the IRSICaixa foundation to support the development of antibodies, medicines, and a vaccine against the current epidemic and possible future coronavirus threats.
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Business for Nature WWF

Since June 2020, we have been a Business for Nature WWF, collaborating with this NGO to fight climate change. The money we donate to WWF helps fight overfishing and supports rational water use, more responsible consumption and species conservation.
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Throughout November 2014, our founders Albert and Javier grew moustaches to join the Movember movement. Furthermore, we donated 7% of online sales to Movember Spain, adding a free Woody with a moustache to every order placed.
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Collaboration with AECC (Asociación Española contra el Cáncer)

Throughout October 2021, we run a fundraising campaign to fight breast cancer and other cancerous diseases, affecting many of the world's population.
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Women in wood

A special edition of Woodies featuring the artist Marta Bellvehí. In March 2017, we donated 15% of the product's sales to the Amanixer Association (Aragonese Association of Women with Disabilities).
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Water for Senegal

In 2018, we supported the People of Hope campaign to build wells and donate water purification filters to Senegal through our social networks. For every like received, we donated €0.50 to the campaign, along with more than 50 notebooks.
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Sustainable gifts and products

Discover our collection of unique eco-friendly gifts. Surprise your special someone with handmade products made locally and from sustainable materials. At Miss Wood, you will find a wide variety of items perfect for any occasion.

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Our primary purpose is to reduce the impact on materials and manufacturing. Using defective, broken or imperfect products as a raw material allows us to minimize the consumption of natural resources. Thanks to our new collection of coasters, we can apply a circular economy to decrease material use and avoid generating more waste.


This is the beginning of the journey. We continue to move forward to become the brand we have always wanted to be: local, sustainable and committed to the planet. There is still a long way to go, and we hope to do it together.

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