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Customized Gifts for Companies

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the image you choose for your company or brand through an advertising gift, whether for your employees, suppliers or clients, is super important.

Forget about standard merchandising gifts such as lighters, pens, or shoppers. Dare to be different and go for a handmade eco-friendly gift at the best price.

Our products are designed for any type of company:

Travel agencies | Start-Up | Ecommerce | Hotels | Airlines | Restaurant Chains

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Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Reinvent your brand image and differentiate yourself from the competition with unique handmade items. Get inspired:

Employees Welcome Kit

Now that remote working has become a part of our lives, it isn't always easy to connect with our team. One way to get closer to your employees and give them a taste of the brand vibe is by providing them something they can use in their home office to increase productivity. Stand out with our ideas:

Scented candle

Our world-shaped candle comes in different colours with a candle cork holder you will be able to customize with your company, brand, or agency logo, as you can for the sticker outside the box. Decorative scented candles will help your employees create a unique atmosphere at home, making them feel more comfortable and intimate.
From 8€

Custom Thermal Water Bottle

Looking for the perfect gift for your employees? Personalize an insulated steel bottle with your company logo. Whether for the office, home or sports, they can take it wherever they go. It will keep their drink hot or cold while helping avoid the consumption of single-use plastics.
From 7€

Personalized decorative map

Keep your employees on the move by inspiring them to travel with our custom city, country, or continent map to decorate their home office. It is the ideal present to convey a positive brand image and as a reward for their professional efforts.
From 5,50€

Custom wooden keyring

You want to create your brand identity and have your employees keeping you in mind both in and out of the (home) office. Our personalized Tags are the perfect accessory to custom and collect on a keyring. Print your logo or values on a Tag, so your employees can carry your company everywhere with them.
From 1,25€

Personalized Cork Notebook

Although everything is now going digital, paper and pencil will always come in handy. A custom cork notebook with your agency or brand logo on the cover is an ideal gift for your employees, whether it's for working, taking notes, drawing or just jot down some creative ideas.
From 4,50€

Custom Desk Calendar

A calendar is a classic on any employee's desk. Indeed, keeping timings in mind helps stay organized. This Polaroid-style calendar is ideal to be personalized with company pictures, perfect for the home office and for referring to whenever they need.
From 7€

Wooden phone holder

The ideal accessory for both the office and home, perfect to put your mobile phone without leaving it lying around your desk. Made of solid wood from sustainable forests, you can print your brand logo on it.
From 7€

Cork desk Pad

At first glance, it may seem a practical, yet boring, present. But don't rush to judgement, as it can become a great gift idea for your employees. It is super comfortable, and you can try adding a motivational quote matched by your brand logo, they will love it!
From 2€

Passport Holder

Take your brand for a spin around the world with our passport and document holder. It's not all about work, encourage your employees to travel and dream of new destinations to explore. It will motivate them in their daily work routine.
From 7€

Wooden box

Souvenirs, snapshots, coins, plane tickets... With our keepsake box, you can organize them in one place.
From 25€

Photo print on wood

A picture is worth a thousand words. Print your favourite shot on wood and give your home a rustic, vintage touch. Excellent resolution on a natural wood grain base.
From 5€

Polaroid photos

Print your team photos as a souvenir. In Polaroid, Mini Polaroid, standard size... An ideal gift for your employees.
From 4€

Wooden Panot of Barcelona

The Panot or Rosa de Barcelona is a tile used in the pavements of the city.

Our wooden version is the perfect gift for your employees. The emblematic symbol of the Catalan city on one side and your customised logo on the other.

From 4€

Best Christmas Hampers

Christmas hampers are a classic tradition in every office. But, this year, we suggest you take it to the next level and be creative. It will help you stand out and surprise your employees, customers, or suppliers. Prize their loyalty with a different unique selection to celebrate the festive season.
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VIP customers gifts

Encourage your best customers' loyalty by treating them with a custom accessory they will never forget. Say goodbye to typical boring presents and create your unique personalized corporate gifts.

Why choose Miss Wood for your promotional gift?

Our products are handmade and fully customized for your company or brand. You will be giving more than just a present, but a true lifestyle.

Since our adventure began in 2013, we've been committed to our planet's and people's health and wellbeing.

Gift-giving from Miss Wood means:

100% Unique and Creative Products.

You won't find anything similar anywhere else.

Ecological Corporate Gift

The materials we use are environmentally friendly only.

Top-quality product and service

We manufacture in our workshop, taking care of every detail with great care.

Brands we collaborated with for corporate gifts

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