Wall Decoration Photos

Pictures that bring a smile to our faces, make us happy, and remind us of unforgettable moments. Decorating with photos is a growing trend and a unique way to embellish our favourite spaces. There are no fixed rules for doing it. You can opt for different sizes, black and white, colour, or add a frame, each format is perfect for dressing your home with memories. Keep in mind a few simple ideas to give your walls a special touch.

The best photo formats for your walls

Vintage and retro printing

There are many pictures you would like to print, but don't know where to put. Here is the perfect idea: develop them in Polaroid format, so they take up little space.

Fill the wall with your most special moments to bring the best memories to life. Use washi-tape or hang them on a string to create a photo garland.

Photo print on wood

Of all the incredible moments you experienced, people you met or places you travelled, there is surely a special one you hold dear in your heart. Print your favourite memory on a rustic material like wood and create a sustainable, eco-friendly decorative item to add a natural touch to your space.

Personalized photos with wooden frames

There are plenty of memories that deserve to be framed. Your wedding photo, the ultrasound scan of your first child, an unforgettable trip, family reunions…

Select the most special moments and create a gallery of your best shots on the stairs, in the bedroom or in the living room. Combine different sizes, the result will be spot on!

Aesthetic posters

Perfect for a teenager's room: posters with illustrations, quotes, and aesthetic images to decorate the youngest's walls in style. In a heart shape, as a mood board or by covering the entire wall, just add a garland of LED lights to get a wow vibe!

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Ideas and inspiration for decorating with your photos

Travel pictures to decorate your world map

Select the most beautiful moments from your travels, print them and decorate your world map with the memories of the places that stole your heart.

Your most beautiful shots in a keepsake box

Just like an album: store photos of your most incredible adventures in a customized box, along with banknotes and other souvenirs.
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Wooden base for small photos

An easy-to-use wooden photo holder to give a natural touch to your shelves. No holes or frames required.
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Family photos mosaic

Select your favourite photos and print them on wood to create a unique composition.
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